About Pinoy Celebrity Radio

Pilipino Celebrity Radio’ is to create high quality programming for our listeners; targeted audiences for our advertisers; and to attract, Celebrities listeners develop and sustainable and efficient and highly productive group of broadcast professionals.

To provide high quality, informative local radio programming to our listeners.

To provide the highest quality marketing solutions, results and customer service for our advertisers.

To be ambassadors of goodwill in the markets we serve by promoting their social, retail and economic growth and development.

To provide a professional and goal oriented working environment for our associates to facilitate their growth as community and broadcasting leaders.

To preserve, develop and promote the traditions and prominence of local community focused radio broadcasting.

We believe that local radio is an integral part of every community we serve, and it is our duty to serve the best interests of the people in all of our communities.


Pilipino Celebrity Radio’ mission is to provide a trusted source of information, music and entertainment for curious and thoughtful people in efficient, sustainable ways that meet their needs while strengthening the civic and cultural life of the communities we serve.


As the region’s Studio base Professional broadcaster, Pilipino Celebrity Radio’ On line vision is to be a valued, vital and vibrant service that is indispensable to listeners' lives, inspires people to look at the world in different ways and capitalizes on emerging opportunities to serve our listeners/communities, specially OFW around the world.


We aim to augment the use and build the capacity of general people to enable marginalized communities and groups to generate and share their knowledge and experience, to participate in discourse and decision-making at every level, to develop the richness of their culture, and to strengthen their communities as part of the local, national and global family.

Inform the general public by disseminating the news, views and programs related to education, health, games and sports, environment and OFW around the world, sector and explore the places of natural and cultural importance and popularize them Broadcast the information based materials for the protection, preservation and conservation, Create awareness among the general mass in order to eradicate superstitions and false notions prevalent deeply in the society and end all forms of decimations based on caste, gender, ethnicity, geography and any other.

To build capacity of women to engage leading roles in running radio station and formulate policies in order to broadcast various social issues and air the program so as to enhance the personality of the youths. Help generate an environment encouraging for women’s empowerment and gender equality and uphold awareness for the welfare of women and children

Contribute to the productions, inventions and explorations of this specific areas to bring them in the limelight and encourage organic farming for sustainable agricultural development and poverty alleviation and instigate the technology transfer for sustainable development of agriculture through the minimization of the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Encourage the positive social aspects, discourage the negative ones keeping the human sentiments in the high priority in order to contribute nation building process, and recognize development and peace as an ultimate goal.

Conserve the folk culture and local languages of this area and preserve religion, based on secularism, and literature and strive to alleviate conflict between ethnic groups and marginalized communities and promote social harmony.

Contribute to create good governance in the government, local agencies and private sector consequently making them accountable to the people

Create public opinion for the development and uplift of oppressed and marginalized communities and assist such communities stimulate for their rights by conducting various rights-based programs.

Create awareness on health, education, community development, protection of environment and bio-diversity, human rights and good governance and natural disaster mitigation as well.

Broadcast programs on education and knowledge for the benefit of illiterate communities to promote education and awareness and identify, protect and promote the use of traditional knowledge of indigenous communities.

Promote the protection of local languages, literature and folk culture, and promote democratic culture, national unity and ethnic pride.

Core Values

1. Our Audience Comes First

We always strive to serve our audience better.

We are committed to and engage our community in authentic and meaningful ways.

We respect our audience.

2. We Embrace Change and Encourage Innovation

We don't fear failure

We dedicate ourselves to growth and learning.

We embrace the evolution of online radio station, strategically plan for growth & change, and work in ways that make us a model for sustainability, creativity, innovation, & excellence.

3. Anything Is Possible

We value the power of "Why Not?"

We aim high and push ourselves to be the best at what we do.

We want to work with people who push themselves to be the best.

4. Together We Build and Epic Workplace

We thrive as a workplace because we encourage diversity of thought, opinion, and perspective.

We behave in ways that demonstrate respect for our colleagues and the community at large.

We are inclusive, compassionate, considerate, and mutually supportive.

5. Bring Your Passion

We volunteer at Pilipino Celebrity Radio’ because we want and choose to be here and not because we have to.

Our passion drives teamwork and collaboration.

Passion drives us to maintain a high level of quality in everything we do.

6. Have Fun

We never take ourselves too seriously.

We are committed to excellence with a sense of fun.

Fun works hand-in-hand with creativity. Humor can be a launch pad for ideas.